Artwork for NR magazine's empowerment themed issue (2017)


Cover illustration for Psykologi magazine (2016)

Illustration for an article about trauma and its effects on the brain for Psykologi magazine (2016)

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LUSTRE pattern design for Tiger of Sweden (2016)


Contemporary wallpaper and textile designs, produced and sold by

Carpet designs for Eurokangas (left) and CarpetVista (2015)

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RUSKA and SYYS pattern designs for MENKA project, a collaboration curated and directed by fashion brand Mannine and Mitsubishi-Isetan departmentstore (2016)

Illustration about slam poetry for Kulttuurivihkot Magazine (2015)



Santa Fe mini collection of wallpapers designed in collaboration with textile designer Aoi Yoshizawa. Collection consists of 8 wallpapers inspired by dry desert sceneries of Santa Fe and the colourful, richly textured and patterned world of glass. Santa Fe was produced by Feather and showcased in Habitare interior fair as a part of Helsinki Design Week in 2015.


Mini collection of decorative pillow cases designed together with textile designer Aoi Yoshizawa. Haru, Vuono and Sima pillows were showcased in the annual Bloom exhibition of Lokal gallery, Helsinki.


Travelogue 1: Mental Landscapes exhibition work made in collaboration with textile designer Aoi Yoshizawa and fashion and textile designer Anna-Mari Leppisaari. The exhibition was inspired by an expedition to Japan in the spring 2014. Both the trip and the materials for the exhibition were funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. Photo: Sanna Lehto


MA graduate fashion collection consisting of eight looks, two woven fabrics, three screen prints and one digital print. The inspiration behind the collection came from perceptual psychology. With the design process Alanko challenged her own perception and her previous design practices by forcing herself out of her comfort zone of flowy drapery and vague prints towards a bolder expression and stronger shapes. The collection was showcased in three different fashion shows in Helsinki and also once in Minsk and Riga, where it won the grand prix and the prize for best school in an international fashion design competition Habitus Baltija. Collection photo: Sanna Lehto / Hair and make-up: Eeva-Leena Liedes / Model: J.J. (Brand)




Fashion collection made in 2012 for a collection concept course in Aalto University. The collection consists of seven looks and two digital prints. Special needle felting technique was developed to manipulate and combine thin and fragile silk fabrics together. In terms of colour the collection was inspired by a trip to Shanghai and the shapes and silhouettes play with the balance and tension points of the garments. The collection was shown in the annual fashion show, NÄYTÖS13, of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Collection photo: Helen Korpak / Lookbook photo: Matilda Nieminen / Model: Fanni (Brand)




Anna Alanko is a Helsinki-based freelance designer, illustrator and colour enthusiast. Currently she divides her time between commission and illustration work, designing commercial pattern collections and artistic collaborations.


Hugo & Marie, Tiger of Sweden, Isetan, Mannine, VIMMA, Svensson, Tokyo Pack, White Box Co, Forme, Apricot, Fair Trade Company, Meiso Yuhin Sangyo, Yokozuna Creation, Borås Tapeter, Psykologi Magazine, NR Magazine, Feathr, CarpetVista, Eurokangas, Astra Magazine, Kulttuurivihkot, La Rinascente and more.


A Magazine Curated by, Elle Decor, Nordic Style Magazine, Elle, People of Print, Odalisque, Olivia, Trendi, Helsingin Sanomat, Sankei, Good News from Finland, NJAL, Baltic Times, AINO, SHOP, Deko, Koti ja Keittiö and more.


2015– Freelance designer and illustrator, ANNA ALANKO
2015 Pattern Cutting Assistant, Satu Maaranen (Finland)
2014– Co-founder & Textile designer, A—finity Patterns
2014 Pattern Cutting & Print Design Assistant, Satu Maaranen (Finland)
2012 Pattern Design Intern, Colorimoda (Italy)
2012 Textile Design Intern, ETT Program (The Netherlands)
2012 Fashion Design Intern, Ilona Pelli (Finland)
2011 Fashion Design Intern, Christian Wijnants (Belgium)


2015 Shortlisted for Top 5, International Wallpaper Design Competition, Feathr company
2014 Shortlisted for Top 50, MUUSE X VOGUE design competition
2014 Shortlisted for Top 5, Packbridge design competition (Sweden)
2014 Shortlisted for Top 10, Designer for Tomorrow Competition (Germany)
2014 Winner of Grand Prix, Habitus Baltija Competition (Latvia)
2010 Finalist, Designers’ Nest Competition, Copenhagen Fashion Week (Denmark)
2010 Winner of Coca Cola Manolo Blahnik Award, NÄYTÖS 10 The Annual Fashion Show of Aalto University’s Fashion and Clothing Design Department (Finland)


2015 Santa Fe, launch of mini collection of wallpapers, as a part of up coming designers' Talent Shop, Habitare interior fair (Helsinki)
2015 Bloom Exhibition, annual young artist’s exhibition, Lokal gallery (Helsinki)
2014 Travelogue 1: Mental Landscapes Exhibition, Third Space Gallery (Helsinki)
2014 Fashion Mill Guest Designer Show (Belarus)
2014 Masters of Aalto Graduate Exhibition (Finland)
2014 Habitus Baltija Competition Fashion Show (Latvia)
2013 Helsinki Fashion Weekend (Finland)
2013 NÄYTÖS 13, Aalto ARTS (Finland)
2012 NÄYTÖS 12, Aalto ARTS (Finland)
2010 NÄYTÖS 10, Aalto ARTS (Finland)
2010 Designers’ Nest Competition Fashion Show, Copenhagen Fashion Week (Denmark)
2009 NÄYTÖS 9, Aalto ARTS (Finland)


MA in Fashion and Clothing Design, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
BA in Fashion and Clothing Design, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture



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